Akronite of the Week

Meet Kristin McNamara

Your Instagram host for the week of October 18, 2020

Kristin McNamara, the Everyday Akron Instagram host for the week of Oct. 18, 2020

Meet Kristin:

Twenty-some years ago I started my first “real” job in the shadows of the old Goodrich stacks downtown, and Akron has been my adopted hometown ever since. Three career changes, proud Zip with a polymer science MS and MBA, stints living in Portage Lakes, Cuyahoga Falls and Northwest Akron—my life’s journey has been fulfilling without ever leaving.

And after realizing that work travel and a busy job in downtown Cleveland had made me an Akronite in address only, I’ve spent the last two years exploring the Akron—both old and brand new—that I love all over again. From the best townie bars and the hidden local gems, to finding love and a few new amazing friends, I’ve realized that ultimately it’s the fabulous people that make Akron as earnest and lovely as anywhere on earth.

And what better way to enjoy the best season in the best city than by sharing my slice of Akron with the neighbors I haven’t met (yet)!

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