Share your favorite part of Akron 

What’s the one thing in Akron that you really love and want to tell others about? Here’s your chance to do just that! Write a few paragraphs or a poem, shoot a video, scan some artwork, compose a song, submit a photo essay – the sky is the limit.

This is the perfect opportunity for those who aren’t quite ready yet to host the Instagram account for a week yet still want to share a little bit of their Akron. 

You can share about a person, place or thing. Or even a concept or feeling. We all have something we love about Akron. What is yours? A hiking trail, a meal you can’t get enough of, a great coffee date, the memory of a beautiful snowfall, your favorite live music venue, a nice exchange with a neighbor… 

Get creative and submit your #BlogPostCard below. I’ll share it to the Everyday Akron blog and Facebook and Twitter accounts. 

Click here to visit the Google Form to submit your #BlogPostCard.

PS… You don’t have to currently live in Akron to submit a #BlogPostCard. If you have a little love note you want to share from when you used to live here or just passed through on a road trip, we want to hear it!

Please note that submissions will be posted to the blog based on the order they are submitted. The timing of posts may vary based on how the number of submissions will fluctuate. If you would like yours posted on a specific date, please include that in the submission form.

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