How to Support Everyday Akron

When people ask how they can support Everyday Akron, the obvious suggestion is to sign up to host the Instagram account for a week. But, there are other ways to get involved. Check them out below and find out how you can get an Everyday Akron logo sticker or pins.

Sign up to host the Instagram account

The main part of Everyday Akron is the Instagram takeover. Each week, a new Akronite hosts the account to share their side of Akron. It’s a great way to give people a peek into what you do for fun, where you work, your neighborhood, that coffee shop you can’t get enough of and more. Pick your takeover week now.

Support via PayPal and get free swag

Send $5 or more via PayPal to help me run Everyday Akron, and I’ll send you a logo sticker. Or, send $10 or more, and I’ll send you a sticker and some extra goodies.

Your contribution will go towards things like managing the website that help further the mission of highlighting and amplifying unique perspectives of Akron every day, by everyday people.

Submit a #BlogPostCard

Not quite ready to host the Instagram account for a week? A #BlogPostCard is a great way to share a little bit of your Akron. 

What’s the one thing in this city that you really love and want to tell others about? Here’s your chance to do just that! Write a few paragraphs or a poem, shoot a video, share some artwork, compose a song, submit a photo essay – they sky is the limit. Learn more.

Share on social media

Ok, I assume you’re already following Everyday Akron on Instagram (where most of the action happens) and on Facebook and Twitter (where you can get updates on hosts and other things). But how often do you share posts and tweets? Feel free to share a host post that resonates with you on Instagram. Or, retweet every now and then or share a Facebook post.

It goes without saying, but sometimes we get a little passive in our scrolling. (I do it too!) So, don’t forget to like @everydayakron Instagram posts and occasionally comment on them. This “tells” Instagram that what we’re doing is interesting and should be seen by more people. And, of course, you’re helping to build the Everyday Akron community.

Stick – Pic – Post – Tag @EverydayAkron

Where are you putting your Everyday Akron stickers and swag? Click a pic to find out where Everyday Akronites are sticking their swag.