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Week of April 25: Roger Riddle

SP BIO - Roger Riddle
Roger Riddle: possible real-life super hero…?

Roger Riddle has been living in Akron for just eight months. (He moved here from Macon, Ga.) But in that short time, he’s engrained himself within the community.

Roger says, “I am new to Akron, but I have been swept up in the spirit of the city and all it has to offer.”

He is the Chief Curator of Unbox Akron, a subscription service that sends members a box of Akron-themed goodies each month.

Roger’s favorite thing about Akron is “the passion that people have for their city and how it spills over into passion projects that help promote or build the city.”

You can find Roger on Twitter at @OccupyYouriPod

Roger is taking over the Summit Peeks Twitter account from April 25 to April 29. Make sure you follow @summitpeeks so you don’t miss anything! For a chance to tweet about your Akron experiences, apply to take over.

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