Akronite of the Week

Week of July 17: Jessica Kaisk

SP BIO - Jessica Kaisk

Jessica Kaisk was born and raised in Akron. She lived in New York for a while but moved back to open a business. She works for Kaisk Community Chiropractic as the finance manager in the Akron office and as the office manager in Stow.

She loves yoga, books and coffee. (But not always in that exact order.) Jessica says she has a lot to be thankful for from Akron.

“Akron has always had a soft spot for me. Living in Highland Square, I was inspired by the vibes in the area to really embrace my writing. The vibrancy of other creatives in the area has pushed me to [finally] begin doing that.”

Not only is Highland Square one of Jessica’s favorite things about Akron, but she also loves Ray’s Pub and Buckeye Book Shop.

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