Akronite of the Week

Week of Dec. 26: Claire Meneer

SP BIO - Claire Meneer.jpg

Claire Meneer grew up in Akron. Two and a half years ago, she moved to Washington, D.C. and now works at West Wing Writers, a speechwriting firm. This week, she’s back in the Rubber City visiting family.

“When I left, I promised myself I would remain as involved in the community as possible. When I’m home I make it a priority to visit new small businesses and see what I’ve been missing while I’m away! I think taking over the @summitpeeks Twitter account is the perfect way for me to reconnect with my favorite city.”

Claire’s most vivid memories of growing up in Akron come from drives around the city at night with her parents. “They would pile my sister and I in the car and we would cruise around the city — we would pass the houses they grew up in in Kenmore and Cuyahoga Falls; the bar my great grandfather owned; and the storefronts that used to occupy places my parents went on dates. I fell in love with Akron on those drives — and have loved it ever since.”

Claire’s favorite thing about Akron is the people. She says that if you’re from here, “you know what I’m talking about… you just know.”

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