Akronite of the Week

Week of Feb. 13: Gretchen Horinger

SP BIO - Gretchen Horinger 1.jpegDo Good Yoga is celebrating its grand opening this week in Northside. This is perfect timing since this week’s Twitter takeover host is Gretchen Horinger, the woman behind the new studio.

Gretchen is a local yoga teacher who has been teaching in the area for five years. She has a dedicated following and is very passionate about growing Akron’s love for yoga. She says, “I truly believe that yoga can be an incredible catalyst for positive personal and community change.”

Gretchen is taking over because, as she says, “I freaking love my city and want to open others’ eyes to all the rad stuff happening in Akron right now!” Her favorite things about Akron are Summit Metro Parks, The Lockview and the “entrepreneurs breathing life back into downtown.”

Follow Summit Peeks on Twitter to get a look at Gretchen’s Akron this week.

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