Akronite of the Week

Week of Sept. 4: Marissa McClellan

SP BIO - Marissa McClellan.jpg

Marissa McClellan is the assistant director of Art Bomb Brigade and director of education for Crafty Mart. She’s taking over this week because “Akron rules. So anytime someone is asking me to shine a light on all the awesome we have in our little big city, I take the opportunity!”

Marissa was born and raised in Akron. She went to undergrad and graduate school at The University of Akron. At UA, she learned that what you put out will come back to you: “I have been trying really hard to put out high energy, thoughtfulness, rock ‘n’ roll, killer dance moves, love and laughter in to this city. Thankfully, Akronites rule, and they totally return all that and more to me. I am thankful for Akron. [The city] and the people here have given me so many opportunities to make, create and educate!”

Marissa’s favorite things about Akron are the “pretty fly public art” and incredibly strong sense of community commitment.

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