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We’re back! With a BIG change…

Hey, it’s Ray! I have some wonderful news. 

Summit Peeks takeovers will be back in January 2019. Sign ups are now open. But first! You need to know about a few changes. 

When Summit Peeks debuted, takeovers were on Twitter. But, after a long break and listening to a lot of feedback, takeovers are now on Instagram. Hosts will be able post to the @summitpeeks Instagram page and to Instagram Stories. 

Takeovers used to be 5 days long; they are now 7 days long. Each takeover will last a week: Sunday through Saturday. (They cannot be extended.) Hosts are encouraged to post at least once a day. 

As always, the overall mission still applies. I want you to share your side of Akron. Please do not think you’re too boring or feel you have to try a bunch of new things during your takeover week. If you live, work, play or explore in Akron, you already have a unique perspective. That’s what the Summit Peeks community wants to learn about. 

I very much appreciate the support and enthusiasm Akronites have had for this project since its debut — and even during the long(er than expected) break. To be honest, life just got in the way… and kept getting in the way. But now Summit Peeks is back and (I hope) better than ever. 

So I have a few favors to ask: 

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me

Thank you, Akron! 

-Ray Whin