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Meet Rachel Whinnery

Your host for the week of February 10, 2019

Hey, it’s Ray!

I’m the one behind Summit Peeks – and your host for this week! I’m really excited to share my side of Akron with you.

Long story short, I went to The University of Akron, worked at the International Soap Box Derby for a few years and moved to Merriman Valley during that time. I worked for a few more local businesses until last December when I started at The Karcher Group in North Canton. (Listen – I’m heartbroken too that it’s not in Akron, but what can you do? *shrug*) Last summer, I moved to Goodyear Heights, and it’s been fun exploring a different area of Akron.

As an anxious introvert, I love how social media can connect people via little squares with hashtags and in real life. I’ve seen it happen time and again with Summit Peeks, and I’m excited to see it continue. (I also love the filters and how they make me look like I’m auditioning for SNL – see above.)

Whether you’ve taken over a @summitpeeks account in the past or just follow along, thank YOU so much for being a part of the Summit Peeks community.

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