Akronite of the Week

Meet Amber Cullen

Your host for the week of March 31, 2019

Amber Cullen

Meet Amber, in her own words:

“Amber Cullen is a cultural organizer who resides in Akron, Ohio. She is interested in the arts and transformation, and how we can challenge systems, build community, and grow empathy through the the arts.

Amber spends a majority of her time curating movement in three places –The Exchange House in North Hill, The Front Porch in South Akron, and Summit Artspace in Downtown Akron. In these places, she works primarily with former refugees, returning citizens and those in recovery, and grassroots and artrepreneurs in the margins all around our City.

She is the Lead Facilitator of VIBE Collective, a network of Northeast Ohio artists in the intersection of art, culture, and education, who create spaces for community transformation and healing. Last time she checked, Amber was managing four different Instagram accounts, five Facebook pages, and four email addresses. Like many artists in Akron, she works many jobs to make ends meet, unable to make a sustainable living from the arts, yet holding onto the arts with stubborn tenacity and passion.

She’s excited to share a glimpse into the spontaneous and stressful, yet full and rewarding, life of a scrappy grassroots cultural organizer.”

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