Akronite of the Week

Meet Robbie Coon

Your Instagram host for the week of November 10, 2019

Meet Robbie, in his own words:

Hi everyone, I am Robbie Coon! My life’s journey has always been centered in Akron. I went to Coventry High School, The University of Akron for Undergrad and Law School, and now I work downtown at Bounce Innovation Hub as a Program Coordinator (@Bounce_hub on Instagram).  I love the city and everything it has to offer… but the food and music here are my favorite things.

You’ve probably seen me at local shows, coffee shops, or the monthly Latin dancing events at Musica and Blu Jazz.  If you ever see me in the wild, please come introduce yourself, I would be more than happy to chat!

I am passionate about entrepreneurship in Akron, and supporting the founders of great local businesses. Over the next week, I am excited  to share with you some my favorite spots around the city, and maybe convince you to try something new.

Follow Everyday Akron on Instagram so you can get a peek into Robbie’s side of Akron!

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