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The only constant this year seems to be the passing of time and the changing of seasons. Somehow 2020 is flying by and it’s already fall. Which means kids are back in school or streaming virtual lessons into their homes.

Teachers are doing everything they can to support their students during these weird, trying times. We’ve always asked a lot of them, and now we’re asking even more.

According to Glassdoor, the average base pay for Akron, Ohio teachers is $37,061 — 13% less than the national average. In 2019, the Economic Policy Institute reported that Ohio teachers spend $444 of their own money on classroom supplies. (And they’re only allowed to deduct up to $250 of any unreimbursed business expenses.)

So, if you’re able to, please support these teachers by purchasing something from their Amazon wishlists. There is also a link at the end to DonorsChoose, so you can find a classroom near you to support.

If you can’t financially support these teachers, please share this blog post on social media. Let’s help the incredible people who are educating Akron area kids.

Amazon Wishlists

But first a note! When purchasing from Amazon for a teacher, make sure you select their gift registry address as the mailing address, so the item(s) go right to them. And, if you’re supporting multiple classrooms, checkout separate times for each teacher’s lists.

Sara Watts
View Sara’s Amazon Wishlist

I teach at Towpath Trail High School — a dropout prevention school in Akron.  My kiddos are REALLY struggling.

Kristin Spade
View Kristin’s Amazon Wishlist

My name is Kristin Spade and I’ve been an urban educator for the past 12 years. This year is my 6th year teaching 6th grade English in Cleveland. There’s nothing I miss more than my 60+ minute commute to Cleveland every day from Akron and I’m counting down the seconds until I meet my new scholars in person! 

Until then, I’m trying to make the best of Virtual Learning and do whatever I can to make reading and writing come alive over Zoom. I’ll do whatever it takes to give my students the best reading and writing instruction that I possibly can until we can resume learning in person, in a healthy and safe way! Thank you from the bottom of my teaching heart for your support and generosity.

Jeffrey Rhodes
View Jeffrey’s Amazon Wishlist

It might look different and weird this year for my 3rd graders, but what never changes is our celebration of reading!

Katie Fife
View Katie’s Amazon Wishlist 

I’m a gifted intervention specialist for Akron Public Schools — I get to work with the kids whose brains need an extra challenge. I truly believe, with the right supports, these students will be the leaders of Akron someday! My wishlist is filled with supplies and materials to benefit both online learning as well as materials for when we move into in-person learning again! I used the Amazon feature to rank & explain some items. Thank you so much for your generosity.

Allison Conant
View Allison’s Amazon Wishlist

I’m Allison Conant, a second grade Akron Public Schools teacher and proud graduate of APS! Thank you for supporting our learning.

Sarah Gott
View Sarah’s Amazon Wishlist

Sarah is an art educator who has created an outdoor studio in the woods. It’s a magical, amazing space! 

Caroline Kajder
View Caroline’s Amazon Wishlist

Items from this wish list will help fund my classroom! I work in an urban district with students who have multiple disabilities.

Jenn Garich
View Jenn’s Amazon Wishlist

Jenn was born and raised in Akron and later moved to Atlanta. Her kids are in preschool.

The Preschool at Second Ponce is providing classes outside as much as possible. Preparing for a day outside requires careful consideration of the children’s interests, abilities, and stamina. The items on the Amazon Wishlist will enrich and expand our days outdoors.

As you can imagine, COVID-19 has had a dramatic impact on the preschool budget. When we set tuition last year, it was with the expectation that we would generate some of the necessary income to cover our expenses through summer camp and the extended hours, and that our student:teacher ratio would average at about 1:6. So, in addition to the extra expenses related to cleaning, protective gear, start up supplies to move outside, and cohorting with limited class size, our annual revenue is down. Please consider purchasing needed items from the wish list.

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The DonorsChoose mission is to “make it easy for anyone to help a teacher in need, moving us closer to a nation where students in every community have the tools and experiences they need for a great education.”

Support Akron area classrooms by donating to their projects so they can purchase items such as writing materials, cleaning supplies, physical education equipment, remote learning tools, and more.