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Why Should You Move to Akron, Ohio?

Outdoor movie hosted by The Nightlight at Stan Hywet in Sept. 2020 (image by Ray Whin)

Every time I host the Everyday Akron Instagram account (which is about once a quarter), I love asking questions and getting feedback. During my latest stint as host, someone suggested the following:

Can you do a segment/question of “Why you should move to Akron”… I’m moving there in the next few years to give my kid a better life and have so many friends in the town. Just trying to get a better feel for family activities and the area. I would love to hear about followers’ favorite parts about where they live.

Of course I loved this idea! So I asked the Everyday Akron Instagram community why someone should move to Akron… and got some amazing responses. I’m sharing them all below. (The last one is from someone who recently moved to Akron, and it’s incredible.)

I also learned about a few more people who are in the process of moving to Akron. So might I suggest… the next time you have a new neighbor moving in, say hi, welcome them to Akron, and share some of the ideas below. You might find a new hiking friend, a Swensons Drive-In buddy, or even the best pizza ever. Yeah, we said it.

The Top 27 Reasons to Move to Akron

  1. Cuyahoga Valley National Park — @lizlymac
  2. Affordability and accessibility; small town feel with easy access to nearby attractions. — @wildflowerhoney
  3. Subscribe to The Devil Strip’s family stuff newsletter, Hell Raisers, to start learning about things from afar. — @retrobyrachel
  4. Well… I moved here for the parks last year and have not been disappointed. — @mostly_pics_of_barry
  5. The parks and trails are phenomenal in both view and upkeep. — @hilred92
  6. The towpath and national park. — @lyndseyhenricksen
  7. Great schools, proximity to Cleveland, great people. — @lizzieberks
  8. Character on every corner; there’s always something new to explore. — @megandelongg
  9. Small town feeling, but you’re in a big city. And, Akron Public Schools is an amazing school system as a far as urban public schools go. — @carolinekajder 
  10. Affordability, great community, collaboration, great local businesses and non-profits. — @jm_caruso
  11. CVNP and their programming. — @maryyund
  12. Affordable housing. — @maryjokormushoff_realtor
  13. The fabulous parks all around Summit and Cuyahoga counties. — @john_skakun
  14. Affordability, park system, and arts/music scene. — @dswirsky
  15. The food scene!! Specifically the pizza. Outsiders wouldn’t think so, but… we’ve got some GREAT pizza. — @aphilly44
  16. Awesome park system and bike trails in Summit County. — @larzdapunk
  17. Summit Metro Parks and CVNP — @dbur1212
  18. Most neighborhoods are diverse. The hospital systems. Summit Metro Parks. Low cost of living. — @j.c.hagenbush
  19. Akron is a small yet kind and active community. Liberal, accepting, progressive, affordable, and also very diverse! A great place to raise a family. — @kerseymeowmeow
  20. You get so much house/yard/whatever you’re in search of for your money. — @kelmarie
  21. Super diverse, low cost of living and a really fun, family oriented vibe!! — @leannstarlin
  22. Swensons, breweries, Lebron, metro parks, Akron Zoo, Sweet Mary’s Bakery, kayaking — @bperego18
  23. Buncha trees, nature love! Pretty leaves, nature lover! Swensons eats, motherf***er! — @hecka_swear_words
  24. The metro parks! — @jellopants1821
  25. CVNP. Farmers’ markets. Our libraries rock! — @k_bethann
  26. The metro parks alone is a huge reason why I moved back! — @jesw819
  27. We moved to Akron in 2019 and it has been an amazing thing for our family. Each neighborhood of Akron has their own little community which has been awesome exploring and finding out. I love the diversity, the grit, the welcoming nature, the sidewalks, the neighbors that look out for each other. I’m not a born and bred NE Ohioan but I am so glad we decided to put down roots here and chose Akron as where to raise our family. 
    From a perspective of a mom of two young kids I cannot say enough good things about our libraries, community centers, and in non-Covid times Lock 3 and Akron Children’s Museum. Also following pages like Everyday Akron has been great finding about all the great stuff around the city! Welcome to Akron – you’re going to love it! — @berngibson10

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