Everyday Akron Stories

Introducing Everyday Akron Pets!

Because this year needs a little extra joy and cuteness, I’m pleased to introduce a new Instagram account: @EverydayAkronPets!

What started as a joke on the Everyday Akron merch site (did you know you can get an Everyday Akron doggie tee??) has turned into a really fun account where you can have YOUR pet be a star.

There are 3 ways to be featured on the new @EverydayAkronPets Instagram account:

  1. Follow @EverydayAkronPets and DM a photo or video of your pet to that account. Please include their name and what you would like others to know about them. (Send the photo directly, not through Instagram Stories.)
  2. Email Everyday Akron and include the same information: a photo or video, your pet’s name, and what you would like others to know about them.
  3. Take over the @EverydayAkron Instagram account and share your pet(s) there. Then, I’ll repost it to Everyday Akron Pets!

All Pets Are Welcome

Dogs. Cats. Hamsters. Lizards. Bunnies. Birds. Sheep. YOU NAME IT!

Except… no jokes. Unless they’re amazing. For example… DON’T send a random deer you found in a park. DO send the chipmunk you’ve been hand-feeding during the pandemic while working from home.

If you can’t decide whether or not it’s “postable,” send it any way and we can chat. 😉

Share the Serotonin

Meeting all these adorable pets has been a real serotonin boost. And this little dose of joy will be key going into an Ohio winter in 2020. Yikes.

After you follow @EverydayAkronPets on Instagram, I encourage you to share the account with a friend. Maybe they’ll get some happiness from it too.