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Everyday Akron 2020 Wrap-Up

2020, huh… Wow. What can I say that hasn’t already been said?

I hope the new year brings you endless joy, countless laughs, beautiful hikes, bottomless mugs of local coffee, and so. much. more. To close out 2020, let’s take a look at the most favorited posts from this year’s takeovers, featuring coffee shops, restaurants, small business owners, nature and other Akron-y goodness.

But first, just to clarify, in no way does this mean these were the best takeovers of the year. I think everyone did an incredible job sharing their side of Akron. I can’t wait to see what we discover in 2021.

(Keep reading to see the top posts from Everyday Akron Pets as well!)

9. Angel Falls Coffee Co.

Gina shared one of her favorite coffee shops: Akron Falls Coffee Company. Nearly every week a different coffee shop is highlighted by a host. Which one is your favorite?

8. Meeting the Host

Julie’s intro post made the top 9, possibly because of her Harry Potter references. Who doesn’t love a little magic?! But meeting new Akronites week after week is such a fun way to connect with our neighbors and make some new friends.

7. Fall Foliage

It’s no surprise that this stunning fall photo by Shammas made the top pics. Akronites love nature.

Do you have any fun hikes planned for 2021?

6. Artisan Coffee Shop

Remember when I said Akronites love their coffee? I wasn’t lying. Jessica highlighted Artisan Coffee Shop, an Ellet staple.

5. Diamond Grille

Food. We all need it to survive. But when it’s local and delicious, we need it to feed our souls. Just check out that review of Diamond Grille from Will.

Have you discovered any new go-to restaurants and eats through Everyday Akron?

4. Pandemic Wedding

Joy and Kelley shared their wedding with the Everyday Akron community, and we all shared the love right back. Congrats, friends!

3. Nepali Kitchen

Akron is very lucky to have gems like Nepali Kitchen. It’s important to support local businesses more than ever before. Who are you lifting up?

2. The Spotted Owl Bar

When local business owners take over @everydayakron, it’s always a fun time. We get to learn why they do what they do. Will of The Spotted Owl was an amazing example of this.

1. The Bomb Shelter

Jessica also featured The Bomb Shelter. This retro superstore took the #1 spot of most-liked posts in 2020. Have you picked up anything cool from here?

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Everyday Akron Pets

We can’t forget about our furry friends! (And a few scaly ones too.) Here are the top 9 posts from @everydayakronpets in 2020.

Want your pet featured in 2021? Send a photo or video, their name, and a short caption about them via direct message to @everydayakronpets.

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