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Meet Hailey & Ben from Rubber City Reuse

Your Instagram host for the week of February 28, 2021

Hailey and Ben of Rubber City Reuse

Meet Hailey & Ben:

Hello! We are Hailey and Ben, the sibling duo that brought you Rubber City Reuse! We both grew up in Wadsworth, escaped the suburbs and have now called Akron home for years!

Hailey is a full-time+ student at the University of Akron and double-time mom to two adorable babies who uncle Ben affectionately calls Apple & Moo. She is an official BA at life.

Ben has survived his 20’s and is enjoying the quiet 30’s with his girlfriend Alex and rotten step dog named “Indiana”. He enjoys anything trains and cars, and digs doing home repair/remodeling.

Before we started Rubber City Reuse, Ben was a taco wizard in Los Angeles and Hailey traveled the world in the Navy! We both have a huge passion for the outdoors and environmental equality and that’s what led us to our current passion of composting food scraps! 

As we become more involved in Akron civic life and explore Awesome Akron, we hope you will follow along!

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