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Hot Tips from the Everyday Akron Community

While hosting the Everyday Akron Instagram account this week, I wanted to know what the community has learned from previous hosts. It could be their new favorite restaurant, a small business, a park, or even just a factoid they never knew. Most answers centered around food (Akronites love their local fare!), so no surprise there.

Lemongrass banh mi, veggie dumplings, kimbap, and Vietnamese iced coffee from Evelyn’s Coffee and Banh Mi in Downtown Akron. Photo by Rachel Whinnery

Find out what everyone said below. I included links so you can discover them too!

Food in the Akron Area

Small Businesses

Living in Akron

  • “That I can’t wait to move to Akron!” – @eleanorr_gracee
  • “General knowledge/updates which I appreciate as I’m moving to the area this summer.” – @shaun.castillo

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