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Shemazing Designs | Akron Small Business Feature

Guest post by Sheena Mays from Shemazing Designs – Small Business and Arts in Akron

Hey Akron! My name is Sheena. My husband Ronnie and I moved here 10 years ago and were instantly drawn to the arts community. We discovered CraftyMart and fell in love with so many local artisans. From Akron Coffee Roasters to Akron Honey, we discovered so many things that are now staple businesses in our life through this vibrant artist community. Akron’s local artist and small business game is strong. 

Shemazing Designs logo and portrait of founder Sheena Mays

I am a musician by trade and also a self-taught hand letterer and sketch note artist. However, in January of 2020, I officially joined the amazing and thriving body of local artists and entrepreneurs when I officially launched my business, Shemazing Designs. That’s right, just in time for the Pandemic, Panorama, Pandemonium – yes, all of that! This girl has a way with timing. I thought for sure everything would flounder, but I just kept creating, networking as best as possible and the business actually started to grow.

Shemazing Designs

Enter: The Snarky Side. Snark is my love language – my gift to the world. I’ve always hated cards with dumb poems, so I have worked to create a line of cards and gifts with more ‘authentic’ greetings. You can shop with me at www.shemazingdesigns.com

Greeting cards offered by Shemazing Designs
Various products and designs by Shemazing Designs

Patreon – Sketch Notes School

Sketch Notes School with Sheena Mays banner

The other side of Shemazing Designs is a little more community-oriented and educational, in nature. Sketch Noting is a method of note taking that I fell into several years ago and absolutely fell in love with and have recently decided to try and make more accessible through Patreon.

Enter: Sketch Notes School. If you’ve never been introduced to Patreon, it is a subscription-based platform. It allows you, the Patron, to support creators by pledging a fixed amount in exchange for rewards. If you pledge to be my Patron, you gain exclusive access to monthly content that you sometimes will not see anywhere else and additional content that you see BEFORE anyone else. In Sketch Notes School, this includes sketches, works-in-progress, tutorials, monthly downloads, and process videos. Check my tiers to view the rewards you will receive at specific levels. You can change tiers and/or cancel your subscription at any time.

If you’d like to know more about how to become a Patron and access perks, you can find info here: www.patreon.com/shemazingdesigns.

In 2021, I committed to give to 3 community organizations that I love and 1 national organization that I continuously support because they support me. I am so grateful for the opportunity to not just be a part of the artist and small business space in Akron, but thrilled to continue to give back to.

Non-profits supported by Shemazing Designs

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