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Meet Timothy Baxter

Your Instagram host for the week of February 27, 2022

Timothy Baxter, the Everyday Akron host for the week of Feb. 27, 2022

Meet Timothy:

Well hello there. My name is Timothy Baxter. I am a multi-medium artist and entrepreneur based in Akron, Ohio. I own the concept Baxter’s Speakeasy in Downtown Akron and serve as the Director of Art and Hospitality for the Historic Arts District.

I have worked in Fashion, Event & Community Coordination and Hospitality Curation for 20 years. Akron is an entrepreneur’s playground and a damn gem. I want to give back to Akron what it has inspired within me.

In my free time I enjoy making music, spending time with families, traveling and seeking new experiences.

I am a believer in experience over here-say, education over theory when appropriate and protest in how I live my life.

Esthetics, the human experience and building community and culture through curation is what drives me. Equal opportunity, safe, POC, queer, community driven excellence is what we all deserve and I want to help make sure that is happening in the 330.

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