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Empowered Transit| Akron Small Business Feature

Jen Samelak, owner/operator of Empowered Transit, shares about her business that provides non-emergency medical transportation.

Side view of the Empowered Transit LLC van

How do you help your customers?

I provide reliable and dignified transportation for people who require the use of a wheelchair for their mobility.

Additionally, I am a Certified Transportation Specialist thru NEMTAC and am licensed through the Ohio EMS. I am a woman-owned small business and an ally to all.

Jen Samelak, owner/operator of Empowered Transit

How did the business get started? 

During Covid, the special needs transportation industry took a huge hit, and continues to flail. As an occupational therapy assistant in a skilled nursing facility, I witnessed many of my patients missing crucial appointments that were integral to their return home.

Another glaring reality was the inability of any company to transport my bariatric patients to simple appointments without using an ambulance and a gurney. This would typically lead to a mistrust of their medical provider, and subsequently non-compliance with their plan of care.

I purchased a minivan that was outfitted with a 48″ rear-loading ramp. The van can comfortably fit a wheelchair that is 37″ wide.

Regardless of your disability you deserve a choice, dignity, compassionate care, and excellent customer service.

What is your business’s relationship with the city of Akron and Akronites?

Empowered Transit offers special needs transportation to all Akronites.

How do you see your business growing into the future?

I have started with one van that I operate. As my clientele grows, I plan to add more vans and drivers to fit the need.

How can people support your business?

Spread the word… there’s a new driver in town!

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