Akronite of the Week

Week of May 9: Suzie Pruitt

SP BIO - Suzie Pruitt - 5:9 to 5:13
Suzie Pruitt: owner of Ely Road Boutique, hiker of trails

Suzie Pruitt is the owner of Ely Road Boutique, which specializes in unique pieces, patterns and prints. She opened her shop earlier this year in the Historic Arts District part of Downtown Akron. (It’s right next to Urban Eats.)

Suzie is a self-proclaimed “lover of all things Akron.” She appreciates the city’s diverse community, varying landscape and rich history.

“I love hiking in Cuyahoga Valley National Park, shopping in local boutiques, and dining at old and new establishments, such as Ido Bar & Grille and Sushi Asia Gourmet.”

Suzie says she loves “being a part of the community’s present and future.” Follow Summit Peeks on Twitter so she can share all of her favorite spots in Akron with you.

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