Akronite of the Week

Week of Sept. 12: Jessica Morris


Jessica Morris is the office manager for EarthQuaker Devices. She is also a contributor to their social media. The company makes pedals for some of the biggest names in music — and they’re located right here in Akron.

Jessica says that “it’s a shop full of very creative people.” She had been working with small businesses in the area for six years before “landing a great gig at EarthQuaker Devices.”

Having lived in the Rubber City her entire life, Jessica is a champion of the Akron area. “I’m the girl people ask when they need to know where all the cool stuff is in this town.” When she’s not in Akron, she’s on the road seeing bands all over the country.

Jessica has a list of favorite things about Akron. They include:

  • the cost of living
  • the sheer amount of creative people in one place
  • midwestern hospitality
  • all the cool bars with good burgers

Fingers crossed she tweets about those things during her takeover. I think we’re all always hungry for a good burger.

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