Akronite of the Week

Week of Mar. 20: Tess Burgler

SP BIO - Tess Burgler.jpg

Tess Burgler is the managing director for Ohio Shakespeare Festival. She lives in Stow. While taking over the Summit Peeks Twitter account, she says she is “excited to [not only] help promote the festival, but also get around town more to connect with the people!”

Tess’s favorite thing about Akron is… Ohio Shakespeare. “Sorry, I’m totally biased, but it’s the truth.” Tess goes on to say that “Akron is home to the professional love of my life: my theatre. The experiences that I have had there and the people I have met there make up all the important moments of my life. The diverse and inclusive nature of the city is powerful, and I always find it has more to teach me.”

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