Akronite of the Week

Week of Mar. 27: Lindsay Ridinger

SP BIO - Lindsay Ridinger.jpgLindsay Ridinger is very involved in the community by supporting causes and organizations she believes in. She’s the manager of Wow! Communications and Marketing for Summit Education Initiative and teaches yoga for Akron Yoga and Wellness. Lindsay is also a Leadership & Development Committee Co-Chair for Torchbearers and on the committee for Greater Akron Chamber Young Professionals Network 2017 Young Professionals Summit.

Lindsay says she “is most passionate about supporting our community’s health by inspiring individuals to explore yoga and its many benefits — but also by inspiring them to simply move their bodies and stay physically active.” Supporting the youth in our community is also very important to her.

Lindsay enjoys being downtown, seeing people out and about during the day and in the evenings. The Lockview is one of her favorite restaurants, and she loves to hike in Summit Metro Parks. Lindsay’s favorite thing about Akron is “the overwhelming number of events, organizations and causes in which community members may become involved. These opportunities encourage people who work, play and live in Akron to participate in hands-on activities that help make our community a better place.”

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