Akronite of the Week

Meet Ryan Rimmele

Your Instagram host for the week of July 7, 2019

Portrait of Ryan Rimmele, host of the Summit Peeks Instagram account the week of July 7, 2019

Meet Ryan, in his own words:

Hi. *waves awkwardly* I’m Ryan. You know me from such classics as “that guy over there” and “why does he look so familiar?”

I’ve lived in the Akron area for about 14 years. ‘Akron area’ is what people say when they want to claim Akron but don’t actually live in Akron proper. It’s like when Cleveland claims the CVNP as their own or someone from Hudson says they’re from Cleveland… we know the truth.

What I love about Akron is the community that welcomes everybody, even those that live in the ‘Akron area’. That is unless you come at us with any dissenting opinions regarding our foods. There’s a line. The local pride is enough to fill the soonish-to-be-empty Gorge Dam.

During the day I work at TRIAD in the Falls. I spend the rest of my time enjoying the many points of interest Akron has to offer as well as coming up with dumb jokes to put on Twitter, which I also do while I’m at work… Shhhh.

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