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Tyler and Charlie’s #BlogPostCard: Music & Theatre

What’s the one thing in Akron that you really love and want to tell others about? A #BlogPostCard is your chance to do just that! Write a few paragraphs or a poem, shoot a video, submit some artwork or photo essay, compose a song – they sky is the limit. Learn more.

Charlie and Tyler host The Seg-Way Podcast. Every Thursday, they break down local restaurants, national films, interview creative minds, and dive into conspiracies and the unknown (in that order, weekly). 

They’ve recorded a mini episode of sorts as a #BlogPostCard to share their favorite thing about Akron. They both agree that the city is a hotspot for creative minds. Listen as they discuss Akron’s diverse music scene and the numerous theatre opportunities we have across the city. 

Listen to the hosts of The Seg-Way Podcast share what they love about Akron, Ohio

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