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Designing the New Everyday Akron Logo with Lindsey Jo Scott

This summer, I decided to rebrand Summit Peeks into Everyday Akron. That meant a new name, a new website, more opportunities to share what you love about Akron, and  — of course — a new logo. 

To keep things Akron-y, I wanted to work with a local artist on a fresh, colorful logo. And I knew just the person who could deliver a fun, new look: Lindsey Jo Scott. She’s an artist and designer who lives in Akron. She also runs the Ohio chapter of Side Project Sessions, a regular event series designed to help people put their projects – and themselves – first.

When I reached out to her, I explained the feelings I wanted to convey for the rebrand: bright, fresh, fun, community. And, I sent her a mood board of Akron-based things, including parks, music, art, history. (These are common things takeover hosts share.) Here’s a glimpse at the mood board. 

Part of the mood board I sent Lindsey Jo for inspiration

Lindsey Jo created a variety of logos to choose from and bounce off of. We went through a few rounds of edits, and I was blown away every time. The experience got me even more excited to introduce the rebrand to everyone. Check out these potential designs and color palettes. 

In the end – and after lengthy consultations with friends and family (thanks, y’all!) – I narrowed it down to a colorful logo that incorporated script and block fonts. In fact, when I opened the PDF Lindsey Jo had sent it in, I screamed. Seriously, I swooned so hard. It kind of reminds me of a vintage “Greetings from” postcard but done in a really modern way. Lindsey Jo then gave me a few color options to choose from. 

I went with my gut reaction, and picked the brightest, most colorful one. Lindsey Jo sent different versions of the logo to use for print, web and social. And, I had her create a sort of secondary logo/design to use for the website’s favicon (that little icon you see in a browser tab), and I wound up using it as the @everydayakron Twitter profile pic. 

New Everyday Akron logo

Q&A with Lindsey Jo Scott 

You’ve heard my side of things, so I thought it would be interesting to see what Lindsey Jo was thinking during the creation process — and sneak in a question about what Akron means to her. 

When working on the Everyday Akron logo design, where did you draw inspiration from?
I was inspired by vintage sign typography, old postcard lettering, and a combination of midcentury and pop art color schemes.

How did you come up with the final design? (Besides me saying “Holy moly that one is amazing!!”)
My process for design always involves experimentation and play. Rachel and I had been going back and forth on sketches, and I was playing around with a hand-lettered drop shadow when I stumbled onto this quirky, and somewhat imperfect version that we ended up with. I think that’s a pretty good metaphor for Akron too. 

How did you decide on the color palette?
I was inspired by the muted warm colors of midcentury posters and prints, as well as the bright, happy colors of pop art. I think the color palette is a mix of the two — it’s like old meets new. I’m kind of a nerd for color, and I like to keep the psychology of color in mind when I’m working. These warmer colors represent optimism, hope, energy, and action, while the cooler color signifies stability and reliability. 

Why did you want to work on this rebrand and design the new logo?
The short answer is because I like Rachel and respect and admire what she’s doing to build community in Akron. I was also excited to create a design that helped to reflect her vision for the rebrand and to help spread the word about good things and good people in our city. 

What does Akron mean to you?
To me, Akron is home. I’ve experienced this city in so many ways, and have fallen in and out of love with everything here a million times over. I love the way Akron keeps surprising me and inspiring me. This city is full of so many kind, creative, good-hearted people that are dedicated to helping Akron become her best self. We’ve also got amazing food, a crazy amount of beautiful trees and trails, and a small-town city feel that I truly cherish. I find comfort in Akron, and I know, no matter where I go or what I do in my life, Akron will always be home.

What inspires you and your creativity?
I find inspiration most often in nature, and also in poetry, music, traveling, and children’s art. Mostly, I find inspiration from observation. I like to slow down and daydream.

If someone is interested in you designing a logo for them, what all do you offer? What is the process like?
For a custom logo design, my process involves understanding the vision through conversation and research, two or three rounds of sketches with ideas for layout, typography, and color schemes, and then one or two rounds for final designs. I work both analog and digitally, and this is reflected in my style. I work best with clients who prefer a hand-drawn aesthetic. 

Anything else you’d like people to know about you and your work?
Lately, I’ve been doing more illustrations and painting, and am currently working on developing a solid portfolio for illustration and surface pattern design. My dream is to license my designs to companies for products like home decor and stationery items and to illustrate books and magazines. I also enjoy writing and plan to share more of that soon too – stay tuned!

Lindsey Jo was so great and easy to work with – it was a dream experience. I will disclose that she made it a donation-based/pay-what-you-can project. So I paid it forward and also made a donation to Hope & Healing Survivor Resource Center, one of her favorite Akron non-profits. 

If you’re looking for someone to design a logo or think you could use Lindsey Jo’s amazing talents, email her or find her on Instagram at @lindseyjoscott.

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  1. Great idea to share Lindsey’s thoughts behind the rebrand. As a person who heard all about it from Ray’s perspective as it was happening, it’s awesome seeing the other side of that coin in Lindsey! Beautiful rebrand and wonderful partnership. 🙂

    1. Thank you, Morgan! So happy you’re on the Official Behind-The-Scenes Feedback Team for Everyday Akron. 😉

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