Akronite of the Week

Meet Hannah Troyer

Your Instagram host for the week of October 27, 2019

Portrait of Hannah Troyer, the @EverydayAkron Instagram host for the week of October 27

Meet Hannah, in her own words:

I’m Hannah! Although I moved here only 4 years ago, I always seem to be getting myself into something new and different in and around Akron.

I work as a barista at Akron Coffee Roasters, and can often be found somewhere on the High St. block. If I’m not on the block, you can usually find me on the east side at 15 Broad St., behind a big mixing console. I run an all analog recording studio there called The Electric Company with my friend and business partner, Robert Keith. If I can find time, I like to stop into local thrift stores, run or hike in the metro parks, or sit on my quiet porch in West Hill with a guitar or a book.

I love Akron, and I believe in Akron! I love learning the history of our area and hearing the stories that make our community what it is. I believe in being true to ourselves and that authentic story sharing and creativity can help us become more of who we are— which is exactly what the world needs.

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