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The Seg-Way Podcast Collab

If The Seg-Way Podcast sounds familiar, you might remember them from their #BlogPostCard submission. Podcast hosts Tyler and Charlie discussed their love of music and arts in the Akron area.

On The Seg-Way Podcast, the guys talk about a different rotating topics each week. They cover food and local restaurants, new movies, an interview with a local guest, and even paranormal things. In January, I had the honor of being a Week 3 VIP.

Being a guest on their podcast was so much fun! We talked about everything Everyday Akron: how it got started, why the name changed last year, memorable moments, opportunities to get involved or support, future goals, and more. We even discussed my IGTV series (more on that below) and my obsession with Beyoncé.

Listen to my guest ep – titled “Ray Whinnery | Week 3 VIP | January 2020” – wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts. Then, make The Seg-Way Podcast one of your favs by subscribing.

Tyler and Charlie also filmed an infomercial of sorts for Everyday Akron. Check out this video from their Facebook page!

Be sure to follow The Seg-Way Podcast across social media platforms so you know when new episodes drop: Facebook // Instagram // Twitter // Website

Bonus Collab! Before we recorded the podcast, the guys joined me on my “Whinnery Having a Drink” IGTV series to make an amaretto sour. It turned out pretty tasty! Watch below.

Super duper thanks to Tyler and Charlie for having me on as a guest. I’ve been listening to The Seg-Way Podcast for a while, so it was a delight to join them on an episode. And remember – their podcast is the best thing to happen to you on a Thursday! So go listen!

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