Akronite of the Week

Meet Allyson Boyd

Your Instagram host for the week of February 16, 2020

Portrait of Allyson Boyd with her family

Meet Allyson, in her own words:

I guess you could say I owe my love of Akron to my parents. I was raised here and have never wanted to leave. I grew up in Firestone Park and reside currently in Northwest Akron with my husband, my freshly new baby Parker and our cats, Walton & Compton. Not only do I live here, I work here too, for the Akron Zoo!

I have a love for family and friends mixed with all. things. local. From food to fashion to special events, all things Akron is what I love most. Akron makes you feel some kind of special and I’m forever grateful for all it’s given me.

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