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Akron, what was the best thing about 2020?

When Megan Bailey hosted Everyday Akron at the end of 2020, she asked the community what the BEST thing was that happened to them in the past year.

From babies to puppies and weddings to new jobs, the themes seemed to be love, connection, and stepping into our power and joy. During a year like 2020 and everything that was thrown at us, it’s incredible how we still found bits of happiness and discovered more and more of who we actually want to be as we walk through life.

Megan asked: “What is the BEST thing that happened for you in 2020?” Here’s how Akronites answered:

  • I adopted the cutest kitty during quarantine
  • I still got married and adopted two kittens to keep us company while working from home!
  • Learning to quit and when.
  • I had a healthy, happy baby girl in January
  • Finding contentment in everything
  • Found the love of reading for fun again
  • Was driving to the beach and matched with my soulmate while driving through her town
  • I graduated!
  • Lower maintenance beauty routine – less makeup and embracing my natural waves!
  • Got engaged!
  • I got married!
  • My daughter!
  • We got our puppy, Brutus
  • Our daughter was born!
  • Getting married to my wife!
  • Added another boy to my little family
  • My first grandchild!
  • Started an amazing new job, bought a house, and adopted another pup
  • I was laid off from a job I didn’t love and found one that I did
  • Took my son to Disney in January before everything happened
  • I premiered JTs Electrik Blackout music with the Canton Symphony pocket band
  • The Trump reality show was canceled!
  • #42AndKnockedUpForTheFirstTime
  • More cuddles with my dog.

What was your best part of 2020? What are you looking forward to in 2021? Share your answers on social media and be sure to tag @everydayakron.

Thank you, Akron

I realized after publishing the 2020 Wrap-Up that I didn’t include a giant THANK YOU.

Thank you to everyone who follows along and engages with the hosts. I see y’all meeting fellow Akronites, learning about fun places, and discovering new things. It’s a joy to watch.

Thank you to the hosts who put a lot of time, energy, thought and creativity into what you post. Many of you go above and beyond. I’m blown away each week. 

Thank you to those who have signed up to host in 2021. Weeks are booked through mid-May, so if you’re interested, get on the schedule!

Thank you to those who share @everydayakron posts on Instagram and other platforms. To those who’ve followed the new @everydayakronpets account. To those who’ve written for the blog. To those who’ve purchased official merch. To those who proudly display stickers and magnets. 

Thank you to my honorary board members who help me out when my brain goes into overdrive—or simply stops working.

2020 was an incredible year for Everyday Akron (all things considered). I’m excited to see what 2021 brings. ❤️

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