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Lava Vintage | Akron Small Business Feature

Learn about Lava Vintage, a local business in the North Hill neighborhood of Akron, Ohio, from co-owner Candy Strother.

Visit Lava Vintage at 670 N Main St, Akron Oh 44221

How and when did the business get started? 

In the fall of 2021, but it has been in the process for several years!

What types of products or services do you offer?

Vintage and antique goods!

Interior of Lava Vintage Shop

How do you help your customers?

By allowing people to relive old memories of things they either had or remember maybe their grandparents having. Also by bringing some comedy with some pretty dorky and also “not so PG rated” findings!

What is your business’s relationship with the city of Akron and Akronites?

We are located in Akron. I personally went to The University of Akron, have lived and worked in Akron since 2012m and now have a business here!

Interior of Lava Vintage Shop

How do you see your business growing/evolving into the future?

I can see such a bright future at the shop just because of the pure love and passion we have in what we do. It’s enjoyable, which is something everyone needs during these times!

How can people support your business?

Visit the store at 670 N Main St, Akron Oh 44221, and follow us on Instagram @lavavintageakron. Word of mouth is how we’ve been doing it thus far. We’ll be doing some pop up shops here soon.

Exterior of Lava Vintage Shop

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