Akronite of the Week

Meet Adam Heidt

Your Instagram host for the week of January 2, 2022

Adam Heidt, the Everyday Akron host for the week of Jan. 2, 2022

Meet Adam:

I became an Akronite in 2013 when my girlfriend, now wife and I moved into a tiny apartment in North Hill fresh out of high school. We were nervous and excited to have a space of our own. What we didn’t know was that we had moved into the heart of an exploding diverse neighborhood of Nepalese immigrants that made for some of the most interesting neighbors you could ask for. It was the complete opposite of the horror stories we where told when we moved to Akron.

We fell in love with Highland Square, Downtown Akron and everything else good the north side had to offer (R.I.P. Crest Bakery). We moved all over Akron and finally settled in the suburbs of Mogadore to raise our first son.

I worked in die-casting out of high school until 2016 when I took a career pivot and chased a dream in the kitchen at Chop and Swizzle in West Hill. After we closed I went back into manufacturing making LCD drawing tablets called Boogie Boards for Kent Displays. Now I am pursuing my own dream of opening my own pop up kitchen at any bar that will have me in Akron. I just want to make good food for good people.

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