Akronite of the Week

Meet Fran Wilson

Your Instagram host for the week of July 31, 2022

Fran Wilson, the Everyday Akron host the week of July 31, 2022

Meet Fran:

I’m Fran Wilson (they/them). I’m a 4th-gen Akronite and a neighborhood organizer. I live in the historic West Hill neighborhood nestled between Highland Square and Downtown — where my family has been in and out of for 100 years, where my family built the plumbing company, “Wilson Plumbing and Heating”, and where I grew up going to school and church.

We live in heavy times and I think we are all reflecting on our relationships with power and community. This week, I hope to share a bit more about our journey as a city and where we all might be heading if we work together and fight hard for a better future.

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