Akronite of the Week

Meet Sarah Waite

Your Instagram host for the week of July 17, 2022

Sarah Waite, the Everyday Akron host the week of July 17, 2022

Meet Sarah:

Hi there! I’m Sarah, a 25 year old northeast Ohio native. I’m originally from Medina, currently live in Stow, and spent several years during college living throughout Akron. Even now I’m constantly in the area to hike, teach yoga, go out to eat, and explore the area.

A lot of people like to dump on Akron, but I’m always there to lift it up and remind people how great Akron is! We have so many little nooks and crannies with all sorts of amazing business and parks. You may have to search a little, but the perfect adventure can be found in our little home city of Akron.

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