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Meet Nat Hans

Your Instagram host for the week of November 6, 2022

Nat Hans, the Everyday Akron host for the week of Nov. 6, 2022

Meet Nat:

Good morning Akron 🙂 

My name is Nat and I am thrilled to be your host this week. Akron has been home since 1995 and my love for this city grows stronger every day. Some of you will laugh and some will agree – but from high school, to college, to small business owner, and now a mom of two, I have always loved this city and honestly never thought to move. 

I love living in Akron, sharing and spreading goodness in all forms, cooking, traveling, crafting, organizing, and being a part of this community. I can’t tell you off the top of my head, without stating the obvious, if you ask me “What is it you love so much about living in Akron?” But I’ll try to share my week with you, organically, and perhaps you’ll see what I see in this city we call home. Looking forward to spending the week with you!

-Nat @AkronFoodie

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