Akronite of the Week

Meet Rachel Whinnery, Creator of Everyday Akron

Your Instagram host for the week of December 11, 2022

Rachel Whinnery, Everyday Akron creator and host for the week of Dec. 11, 2022

Meet Rachel:

Hey it’s Ray! I run things behind the scenes here at Everyday Akron, AND I’m your host this week! 👋

I’ve been reflecting on this year and everything that’s happened with the Everyday Akron community… and even the things that didn’t happen that I thought would.

This week, I’ll share some info on event(s) you can attend and potential plans for 2023, introduce you to some of my favorite local businesses, have you meet some of my friends, share the 2023 gift guide for all you last-minute shoppers, host a giveaway with a local favorite, and … whatever else I can get into.

One of the biggest things I’ve noticed with all of you in the Everyday Akron community (and really social media as a whole)… Is that this platform shows us how we are all very similar. I think we often feel we are floating on her own little island, and no one can identify with us.

But Instagram also shows us how we are different and the ways we can learn and grow from one another. We get to see the experiences other people have in Akron; the choices they make and their reasonings; their family life, whether it’s their spouse and multiple kids or simply them and their pet; they allow us to share in their wins; and they break themselves open to share their struggles with us.

Taking a moment to learn about our neighbors is a gift we can all tap into at anytime, whether within @everydayakron, on social media, or in real life.

I’m sure this sounds hella cheesy at this point, but… phew. Talking to you all in direct messages and comment threads, and even out in real life when you scare the crap out of me by shouting, “RAY!”… you all inspire me to be a better citizen, friend, and neighbor. You give me the energy to keep this whole thing going, even when it gets dark at 4 p.m. and my brain is long gone.

So… thank you, Akron. This is going to be a fun week. 🤗💕

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