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Friends in Tents | Non-Profit Feature

How and when did the non-profit get started? 

We started by collecting coats to take to the homeless in Akron after watching a Facebook video of another outreach seeking donations. We were asked to meet at a “bando” (abandoned building) to drop them off, and while there we were introduced to a lady who lived in a homeless camp.

She invited us to her camp to meet other people there… and we have grown tremendously to serving thousands of meals and supplies directly into camps in Summit County. We started taking food and supplies into camps in October 2019.

What are the mission and vision of the non-profit?

At Friends in Tents, our mission is to focus on making the maximum positive effort for our community by sharing resources with lower income families and homeless communities.

What is your focus in now? Who do you help and why? 

We are focused on the Homeless Community in Summit County. We believe that everyone is entitled to 3 basic necessities of life: Food, Shelter and Clothing.

We want to be a part of a world where no one goes hungry. A world where everyone attains the right to survival without judgment. We want all communities to be treated with respect and kindness.

Our hope is for every heart to be full after being in contact with our Outreaches.

Where is the non-profit headed? What do you hope to accomplish in the future? 

We recently opened a building in Barberton and are open 3 days a week.

We have plans to open a food pantry to help not only our Friends in Tents but anyone who is in need of food, clothing and hygiene.

We’re located at 594 5th St NE, Barberton, Ohio 44203.

How can people get involved?

We welcome volunteers for many positions, such as cooking, organizing donations, camp visits, open hours, transportation and fundraising.

Fill out a volunteer application on our website. And learn about making a donation of funds, supplies, clothing, food, and more.

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You can also visit the Friends in Tents website or call the organization at 330-649-2525 or 330-573-6285.

Special thanks to Christina Shaw – Patterson, Founder of Friends in Tents, for sending organization information and providing photos. If you’d like a non-profit you’re involved with to be featured on the Everyday Akron blog, sign up today.