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Do you love Akron?

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If there is anything I love more than iced coffee, it’s Akron. (And I’m pretty sure there’s coffee running through my veins.) How about you? Do you love Akron?

I want to know why. Tell me in a tweet or answer on the Summit Peeks Facebook page. I’ll compile the answers and post a roundup next weekend. If you want your answer to stay anonymous, feel free to send an email.

I went to The University of Akron for four years and worked in Ellet for two more, and never really fell in love with the city. It wasn’t until I moved here a year and a half ago that my eyes were opened to all of the great people, organizations, resources, businesses, restaurants, parks, trails and more that Akron has to offer.

Every week, I’m blown away by something someone is doing: beekeeping, opening a boutique, hosting free concerts downtown, cooking up handpies, gravity racing, painting colorful murals, watching salamanders cross the road in the rain, organizing a handmade market at a brewery, making the BEST EVER OHMYGODITSSOGOOD soup… and more. Yes – there’s more!

This is Akron. We do amazing things.

Tell me what you love about Ohio’s top city.

🙂 Rachel

UPDATE: You DO love Akron! Find out why.

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