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You DO Love Akron!

Last week, I asked why you love Akron. Near, far, wherever you are.

And you answered. The Cavs winning the NBA Finals shortly after might have swayed some of you, but even then, those answers go deeper than a trophy.

A few people commented on an Instagram post, while others tweeted. Here are their answers.

Instagram Comments:

Aayla K. // @aaylak305 // I love the growing sense of community that Akron has. It wasn’t like this three years ago, and the Towpath, The Devil Strip and artists are doing amazing things downtown!

Butter Your Nuts // @butteryournuts // The culture of Akron is amazing! I moved to Akron officially in 2001 and went to The University of Akron, and the amount of change and revitalization that has happened over the years is mind-blowing! It has art, restaurants, a vibrant nightlight that no longer just appeals to college students, tech companies, etc. A great place for entrepreneurship with very supportive and collaborative businesses who work with and support each other instead of being competitors. I LOVE Akron hugely!

Kelly Phelps // @kells827 // I do! I am enjoying watching the industry, culture and just the city itself grow!! “Community” is coming back!!! I am very excited about Akron’s future!! 

Katie W. // @everydaykiki // Love Akron because even if you don’t like basketball, the Cavs winning means something to everyone!!

This is Akron. We are amazing.

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