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Week of August 15: Edie Steiner

SP BIO - Edie Steiner

Edie Steiner lives on Auld Farm. She is a school based music therapist at Akron Public Schools and a professor of music therapy at Baldwin Wallace University. Edie is also an avid sheep herding enthusiast.

For more than 10 years, Edie has been training and competing in sheep herding with her three border collies named Modibo, Rudy and Lincoln. Her favorite thing about Akron “is having sheep back at the Perkins Stone Mansion for the first time in over 100 years!”

In fact, that’s why she wants to take over Summit Peeks. During her takeover, Edie says she will teach us about “the amazing learning experiences within the Summit County Historical Society, sheep living in the city of Akron, and working with border collies to manage the livestock.”

We recently posted an article about the Mutton Hill Sheep on the blog. Take a peek at it, then follow Summit Peeks on Twitter to get a look at Edie’s Akron this week.

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