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Week of August 22: Bronlynn Thurman

SP BIO - Bronlynn Thurman

Bronlynn Thurman was born and raised in Akron. (She recently moved to Cuyahoga Falls.) Her first job — where she stayed for about eight years — was with the Akron-Summit County Public Library.

Bronlynn is now the Program Associate for Knight Foundation and Program Assistant for GAR Foundation. She is also the Arts Lead Editor for The Devil Strip. When she’s not searching for Akron’s creative stories, she relaxes in one of the city’s many coffee shops or listens to local music.

“I love Akron because there is some amazing talent here,” Bronlynn says. “I’ve lived in cities much bigger and much smaller than Akron, and there’s something incredibly special about it. There is a sense of grit and community that embraces you.”

Bronlynn wants to take over Summit Peeks because “it could potentially shed some light on places that [she] gets to visit on the foundation side.” She also finds fun and different places that aren’t always visited so she can highlight them on her blog about Northeast Ohio.

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