Akronite of the Week

Week of August 29: Rachel Krantz

SP BIO - Rachel Krantz
Photo of Rachel from the SpaceApps hackathon with AkronWIT last year: “How can you pass up a photo op with a spacesuit?”

Rachel Krantz is a quality assurance engineer at Virtual Hold Technology in Fairlawn. She says the metro parks are easily her favorite thing about Akron: “I’m so spoiled by them.”

Rachel moved to Akron from Pittsburgh. The Pennsylvania city has 300,000 people versus Akron’s 200,000; however, it’s surrounded by a smaller county. “I see so much potential in Akron, and a lot of people who are working to see that potential realized.”

Besides the parks, Rachel also loves how cheap the parking is. She suggests that people who complain about the price of parking downtown should really get out more. “Akron is crazy cheap for a city’s downtown. Too cheap, if you ask Jason Segedy, of course.”

(We agree. Explore Downtown Akron!)

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