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What’s good in your ‘hood?

What’s your neighborhood known for? How can people easily recognize it? This American Indian statue on Portage Path is in Merriman Valley. (photo taken during the Akron2Akron walking tour)

The city of Akron has 21 neighborhoods. Each one has its own personality. Some share a history with another, while others have their own unique story.

I live in Merriman Valley and work downtown. But I’m frequently in Highland Square for the farmers market, Wallhaven for yoga, Ellet for a cup of coffee, and University Park for Zips soccer games. I’m constantly criss-crossing Akron, a process some people find annoying because it can take a while. However, I like to think of it as an adventure as I explore all of Akron’s personalities.

How do you explore your neighborhood? What makes you want to explore other places in Akron? (photo taken during the Akron2Akron walking tour of Merriman Valley)


I’ve heard many people talk about how boundaries are shifting and taking on new meanings. Over the summer, the City of Akron asked residents to define and name their neighborhood. The question resulted in a map of proposed neighborhoods — take a look

On the other hand, some neighborhoods are taking great pride in their communities by organizing festivals, markets, art shows and more. Over the summer, Middlebury and Cuyahoga Falls hosted Better Block events; Highland Square hosted PorchRockr; Wallhaven hosted the annual Akron Arts Expo; and Akron2Akron hosted walking tours in Goodyear Heights, Merriman Valley and South Akron.

The people who take over the Summit Peeks Twitter account also feel the love for where they live and work. Take a peek!

Now it’s your turn. Tell us about your neighborhood. What makes it unique to Akron? What makes it special to you? Is there something you would never ever change? Or maybe something you would change tomorrow? Comment below or tweet us at @summitpeeks.

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