Akronite of the Week

Week of July 31: Kaley Foster

SP BIO - Kaley Foster.jpgKaley Foster is a sixth generation Akronite. Having been raised in the Portage Lakes area, she recently moved downtown to the Cascade Lofts. Kaley works with her parents at their business, Buckeye Reserve Title Agency; owns her own business, Urban Buzz Beeswax Candles; and pursues her passion project, the Akron Sustainer, a shipping container turned educational center focused on teaching sustainable practices.

Kaley says, “I absolutely love living downtown, especially with my active lifestyle. It’s wonderful being so connected to the city, while also having convenient access to nature and the Cuyahoga Valley National Park system. I love being able to have my own garden on the property, as well as the Akron Sustainer and Urban Buzz in the basement of the building.  Downtown Akron is a unique community filled with ample creativity, perpetual opportunity, and optimistic individuals who are on a mission to make our city the best it can be.”

Kaley’s favorite thing about Akron is her deep family roots. “I never tire of hearing stories from my grandpa. My favorite story thus far is my 84-year-old grandpa (a retiree from Goodyear) telling me how he would ride his bike from his house on Hickory Street when he was 8 or so, passing the building I currently live in (Cascade Lofts now, Swinehart Tire & Rubber then), to visit his grandfather (my great-great grandpa) who lived on Glenwood at the time. How awesome is that?”

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