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Meet Ray Whin (Creator of Everyday Akron)

Your Instagram host for the week of June 14, 2020

Ray Whin, creator of Everyday Akron and host for the week of June 14, 2020

Hey it’s Ray!

Hello and thank you for following and supporting Everyday Akron. ❤️

Every few months, I pop in to host the account to see how everyone is doing and encourage people to take over for a week to share their side of Akron. Everyday Akron is for everyday people. So that means you – yes YOU – can host the account. Sign up here. (Note that the schedule can fill up months in advance, so pick a week to host before someone else grabs it.)

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Non-Profit Features

If you’d like the non-profit you’re involved with to be featured on the Everyday Akron blog, please reach out. Fill out a contact form or email me directly.

Organizations such as Hope and Healing Survivor Resource Center and Elves & More have already participated. Let’s get the word out about your non-profit.


What’s the one thing in Akron that you really love and want to tell others about? Here’s your chance to do just that! Write a few paragraphs or a poem, shoot a video, scan some artwork, compose a song, submit a photo essay – the sky is the limit.

Check out these amazing #BlogPostCard pieces from The Seg-Way Podcast and Bronlynn Thurmnan.

Learn more about creating a #BlogPostCard.

Final Note

I hope everyone is still taking the time to learn about systemic racism and supporting the fight for racial justice. It all doesn’t go away when the hashtags stop trending. Please use your voice and resources by supporting protests, donating to local and national organizations, and helping in any way you can.

The Devil Strip compiled a variety of anti-racism resources and Black-owned businesses in Akron. Check them out: 

  • Anti-Racism Resources: includes local organizations to support, movies to watch, books to read, questions to ask yourself, and more
  • Black-Owned Businesses: includes restaurants, wellness, artists, healthy & beauty, educational services, creatives, and more

These pages are a great start, but please continue to seek out additional resources at a local and national level. 

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